A world of pain.

   In a world defined by the amount of pain given, we live, carrying the burdens of everything that's around us and wishing it had never been too late. Well, of course all of us had had their own share of drama or pain and you could be struggling through them now, this post is just for you! I like to get back to a comparison between an optimist and a pessimist, as they both look at a glass half filled with water. Now, I'm not saying you should be an optimist nor a pessimist, I'm just using this example to see how people look at their lives, we all have the right to be pessimists about stuff going on with our lives, it's true, but I wish it wouldn't be all the time. However, looking at the bright side is like looking at the glass, half-filled, which probably means that there are two faces to everything that goes on with your life, an excellent arrangement from God above, a perfect timing for everything and a wonderful experience to be gained from each step. Pain isn't just about getting hurt or losing a close friend or even a relative. You know what they say, no pain no gain, again I'm not saying that pain IS necessary to gain but I'm talking to the majority here, people who are in pain. Yes, you. It's crazy how we, teenagers, or even adults, just isolate ourselves from whatever's surrounding us just because we're in pain. As an 18-yo teenager, I find a lot of girls who humiliate themselves just because some drama that's going with a friend of hers, nope, I'm not a big fan of dramatic statuses on Facebook or even tweets, in fact, I'm not a big fan if drama at all. This is when we get to know that pain was made for us TO LEARN. Pain is found to build. Pain is gained to frame us into human beings who are able to adjust their lives and be flexible.

   I've been through a lot myself, like death or even some girlish drama and before I knew that I could use all this to my own good, I used to be that overly-dramatic guy who'd just listen to The Beatles all the time and whenever that song:'Hey Jude' plays and the singer starts to say La la la---, I'd just start crying because a girl dumped me. Haha. Not much of a cool experience, huh? That was years before I started to realize how important AND HOW POSSIBLE it is to reverse everything you think is causing you pain, into something more beautiful and something more encouraging for you to move forward and more powerful.

   There are TWO KINDS of people. Those who learn. Those who don't. To those who don't learn, it's never too late, okay? But let me warn you about surrendering to pain and doing the exact same thing I did when that girl dumped me, it will just make it worse for you. It will make you even more vulnerable to more pain and whenever more pain comes the more you hate your life. I don't think that's the way most people want their lives to be right? Like who wants their lives to be living hell when in fact you can just craft it into a masterpiece if your own. Struggling, it's normal, absolutely, we're not robots! Again, we have feelings, we feel, we cry, we get in pain, we cause pain but we never learnt how to gain.

   To gain is to accept. Yes, to accept whatever that's going with your life and be convinced that it's God who put it right there for you but remember God never wanted you to be in pain in the first place, you were actually made to learn but we were deviated away from this to see the pain. To see that the glass was half-empty and that we're just going to be exposed to more and more pain. You're in a lab called 'yourself' provided with the material to create 'your life' and pain is one essential constituents of life, if you're not going to use it as something more as a 'catalyst' as to accelerate that process of yours, you'll end up with pain in your life, unused, always there, reminding you of why you shouldn't enjoy life. You have EVERY SINGLE RIGHT to enjoy that kind of living you are having right now in your place because I'm not better than you, I promise, I'm not! I could be even a lot worse than you, who knows? We just know that life has knocked me hard than ever and caused me pain I never thought I'd be able to get rid of it and I know what most of you are saying right now of how young I am to be writing that kind of stuff and not being fully aware of life itself, but I wouldn't been encouraged to write this blog if it hadn't been for the things I've had in my life, try not to fool yourself and it's not of your concern because fooling yourself is the first step to not having a better life. Pain came to me and I accepted it with open arms, and if I could it, you can too!

   So we reached a way of how we should use pain and how we can actually receive and accept it in our lives, but can we do it? Most likely, not. But, yes, you can. As long as you have a pumping heart, then yes you can. Again, it's a decision-like of matter, something happened, someone died or even you just feel like crying and then it comes to your brain to think about it and your brain goes like:'Owh, here comes the pain, let's sit down and cry' or even 'Oh my pain, let's sleep!'. It's true it's true! The funny thing is that we actually allow our brain to say that kinda stuff and yes it's our brain so we should be able to control what it says and how it circulates but instead we'd just allow these ways to come in our way. The way I like it is how my brain goes:' Oh my gosh, pain? Let's see what we can get out of it'. Oh my! Yes! Exactly! Almost all kinds of pain are there for you to learn new stuff and to be made stronger in your life because if you're going to give 100% of your strength into ignoring your pain and denying it, it will haunt you down. Remember. HAUNT. YOU. DOWN. That was freaky huh? It was meant to be because there's no other way I can bring it down to you people of how we should give in at least 10% of our strength into learning and gaining from our pain. The 10% will go up as you move forwards with your life and as long as you're breathing, the 10% will soon be the 100%.

   I don't know what you're going through, whether it's emotional or social but I do know that you can give in 10% of your effort into getting something out of this pain. I do believe that with just one decision and one order to your brain which has extraordinary power to face what you're going through, I believe that you can give yourself something good out of what you're going through. I believe you're having a tough time in your life, aren't we all?, but uhm, this tough time will be THANKED LATER ON for creating the being you will be BUT ONLY IF you take the decision that pain is made to be accepted and gained.

Am I fit?

   Yes, you are. In a world where each one of us competes to become better than the other, we often misunderstand the word 'fit'. Haven't we all had this thought, like, when we feel down and hit rock bottom, a hopeless scream comes out from the inside with might and power? What follows this scream is usually something called 'self esteem failure' or as I like to call it 'crap'. Yep, you're most probably screwed, unless you change the whole idea of becoming fit for life. Do you even mean what getting fit for life means? Do you know how to make yourself more capable for living? Do you know how to maintain a steady ongoing life? Did you know that, so far, you have never been so wrong?

   Exactly, you're wrong. Before you keep on reading, I want you to think about your own life for a second here and tell yourself what you've got and what you haven't. Tell yourself what you've got that makes you fit to live and what doesn't. Tell yourself what you haven't got and what you're missing to be fit for life. Don't you even dare say:'I got all what it takes to live. I got nothing missing', that's when you know there's one tiny detail. Is it money you're looking for? Is it health? Is it love? Is it success? Is it perfection? I mean, we often run away looking for these things but we never really get the whole picture. Back in my school, in economy classes, we had this term:'Increasing variety', if you thought about it, it's about something that changes and occupies much more needs that it used to. Basically, this term means that we, humans, will never be able to achieve every single need. Our needs change, and as we grow up, our needs grow up too! No matter how much money you've got, if you hoped to get one million dollars and you did, BAM, you go for the second. No matter what phone you've got, BAM, you want a newer model. And it goes on, you know why we do this? I say it's because others do. We tend to look at others to imitate, you've got a fine car but right next to you, your neighbour owns a better one and fancier. I'm not talking about jealousy here, I'm talking about what you'd think when you see your neighbour's car, wouldn't you go like:'I should get this car, I can save for it', I mean a normal person would because your neighbour lives in the same block, same street, which makes you both as equal in your social position then you start with all the 'Why shouldn't I' questions.

   It's so sad how we throw our sight at others instead of staring at our own. Excuse me, hello, you got a fine car, a cool phone and a suitable house. Why would you compare? This is when your life comes crashing, when you compare. When you think that you'd become a better person just because someone got better gears than you so you'd better get those gears, no, not at all! The worst thing you can do to yourself is relating yourself to others, to think that someone else controls your life and to let their actions lead you to what THEY think is right. What I see here is an ox tied to some kind of ropes here. Let me ask you this, if you ever compared yourself to others, and I'm sure most of you did, how'd you feel? He/She is better or even you're better. But how was it like? Did you feel bad? Good? You felt like you're on top of the world or licking its ground? I just can't see how that can help you. This is completely normal, you guys, we were born with this instinct. We were used to it since we were kids, with our toys and always asking for more. And now, as grown ups, increasing variety, remember? 

   Let's go back to the first paragraph again, I quote:' In a world where each one of us competes to become better than the other,'.  
Yes, this is the kind of world we live in, and most, if not all, of us live by this code to become better than a certain person. You know what? Let me rephrase, you want to live someone else's life because you hate your life THAT much. Man, if you'd just understand what your life means here down on earth, if you'd know that you were made and created for a purpose that overwhelms your mind, if you'd understand just how valuable your life can be BY YOU! Again let me rephrase after quoting, WE SHOULD LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE EACH ONE COMPETES TO BECOME BETTER. Period. 

   So before you go all wild about peoples' lives, go wild about yours and dare yourself to become a better person, to become someone new and much more capable than the old you. To realise the fact that the only person you should compare yourself to is the OLD YOU, and the only one you should look at to imitate is you, you were granted a gift, your life, it's like the raw material for some kind of product, a unique product, a product that doesn't look like any other product, something of your own, it's not a competition, it's not who wins the race first, it's not who becomes the best above all others. It's about who becomes the first within himself and wins the race that runs inside of him, it's about changing the way you look at yourself and to start appreciating what you've got. Remember, the only life-lesson teacher there is out there is the old you! When you get to understand all of this, you can proudly answer the question of this post. And if you still don't know the answer, scroll up, read the first words again. 

New Year,Same You. -Christmas post

   Probably,we all started the new year, 2014, with new different resolutions of how we could be better people and face our life challenges but have we ever thought about how we actually want to spend this new year? Well of course you want to be fit this year, you might want to lose some weight, work out, or even start looking for a life partner but honestly, have you thought about finding 'YOU'? 

   As deep as this question could be, its answer is pretty simple. I've always told you guys that all the answers you're looking for are found in you by you and some of us are probably looking around and wondering why we're not with some new year's resolutions. Truth is, we all have resolutions, we just don't know them yet. You think you figured out life that you're not looking forward to anything but living, this is when you need to fix yourself. As long as you're breathing, you need something to cling to, you need something to be attached to or fill this vast space you have within yourself. I've always tried to fool myself that I can be on my own in this life, and I've never been so wrong. Can't you feel this? I mean like, one day you're fine and the other you're just devastated? Like you've been so happy but all of sudden you're just overwhelmed by grief? I don't blame you, it happens to all of us, but you can't point fingers to everything happening to you, most of us can't accept the idea of 'accepting' itself. To accept a life, to accept what's happening and keep moving on. An amazing saying I've heard and really like it that says:'Life is an upside down-School, it gives you tests first, then the lessons.'  Can you do this? Most of us just collapse after the first test but you know, it's not only one test, there are more headed your way and unless you learn your lessons by heart, you'll keep failing the coming tests. If you're reading this now, I want to tell you that you have unbelievable consistency inside of you and only you decide to let it out or suppress it. Those who suppress it, are probably the same. Those who let it out are the ones who learn and change. A simple answer. 

    What does that have to do with The New Year? Everything. Then why did I name it 'New Year Same You'?  Well, I'm trying to address the majority here. It breaks my heart how such beautiful and amazing teenagers, or even older people, could be so careless with their lives and decide to go with the flow. In fact, and don't deny it, we all reached this summit of our lives and to the extent that we decided to let go of everything and run away. I strongly believe that everything starts IN YOU! And the way you want to stir up things in your life is hidden in you because, as humans, we tend to ignore what's in the inside and look for what's on the outside. If you let yourself to be dragged by outward appearances, you'll lose the true meaning of the inward essence, yourself. The only reason I'm talking like this is for you to understand how valuable you are to yourself and how you should cherish what you own and be thankful. Even if you think you've got nothing left in this world, I'm telling you, no, you have everything you need to live. You have every reason to be happy, and you have every cause to make you smile. You have something in yourself that nobody else does, and if you want to know it, read the first word of this sentence. Yes, You. You have your happiness, your grief, your tears, your thinking, your life! It's all you! It's all decided by you and it's all provided to you with carefulness, why are you doing this to yourself? You can't see yourself but I will let you imagine yourself being offered two cars. A Mercedes and a BMW. You want to know what you chose? Neither. You decided to walk. 'Oh no, I can't be that stupid!' Oh yes, you are! Relax, you won't be after 2 minutes, it's simple, all you've got to do is just make a decision. And if you think life is so tough and so big to make decisions, you're wrong again. 

   I'm not trying to be inspirational or just throw in some words, but I'm honestly telling you how life really is and how you can amazingly lead yourself to cross your limits. This is it, it's like you're tying to beat your own record and every time you try, you're a step closer to finding out how beautiful it feels like to let yourself out of yourself. I want you to remember that you're the paper on which your life will be painted and if you let it get dirty or cut, your painting won't be so beautiful after all. Preserve it, make a decision, live and move on. 

   Bottom line? Everyday is a new year, but only if you decide, everyday is a new start. Everyday is a new beginning with a beautiful end. You have to know that deep inside you're beautiful and this is how beautiful you see what's on the outside. A decision will start your life and another will end it. A decision will make you move forward and begin from the inside to decide, is it a New Year?

When life knocks you down

   Well, it feels so good to be back on my blog and writing again but this time, I'm back with something that could be a little bit common these days and how it occupies a major part of our lives. It's how our lives could hit rock bottom in one second and all of a sudden, you're just on your knees.

   I understand how most of you are already going through enough in your lives, and by now, something already came up to your mind. That's the thing I'm talking about. The thing you can never get off your mind, the thing that makes your tummy rumble whenever you think about it and just go nuts when you remember it. The thing that left a huge print in your life, so huge you can't even control it and you can't get rid of it. Something you never thought you would be able to get it off your chest and get over it but let me tell you something. It's about time you just throw all this away. Oh yeah, it is. Get a paper and something to write with now. 

-The key to having a moving on-life lies in the bottom of 'getting your thoughts organised' sea, and you might be wondering why I've called it a sea, and that's because being organised isn't just a small thing, it isn't arranging your clothes according to their colours but it also includes arranging your thoughts according to your life. I strongly believe that we control our lives with every single detail and life-event going on within itself. It's by your own choice how you decide to spend your life and amazingly, most of us, if not deliberately, choose to have it the hard way. Why have it the hard way when you can live it the easy way? Why do we tend to drown in our negative thoughts and not-happening life scenarios? Honestly, this is just normal and it's totally fine but the real question here is, Do you let these scenarios control you? A simple thought to decide your future, and how you're going to live? Seriously? Oh heck no! Can't you see it? Can't you see how simple it is? Everything flips upside down depending on how you look at it?

   At my school, they used to teach us this autobiography written by a famous Egyptian writer called 'Taha Hussein', who was blind. This guy was raised in the countryside among many other kids as his father had 2 wives. At a later stage of his life, he lost his grandfather,grandmother,sister and older brother in one year. The year after, he travelled with his oldest brother to Cairo in order to begin his studies at Al-Azhaar,he's blind. The young boy grew up to be a Nobel-prize winner and one of the greatest writers ever happened in our Egyptian history. He grew up teaching us that our past depends on how we print our present, and our future depends on how we look at our present. He used to be that blind boy who couldn't feed himself and whose brother took him by the hand to where he studied. It's so amazing to see real people with real life obstacles who managed to achieve their dreams by forgetting their past and giving much of their effort into the present. Let me tell you something, you can be one of those people, maybe not a Nobel-prize winner, but a real life problem analyzer and solver. 

-As I said, it's how you decide to look at it. I'm a senior this year and words aren't enough to reveal the amount of studying I have got yet long term-thinking is put into consideration. For many others, it isn't just your studies. It could be your emotional life, which many of us have been through this already. It could be your social life or whatever. You just gotta throw yourself ahead of everything else and see where it will lead you. So, in the paper and pen you got, I want you to write 'PAST' on one side of the paper and 'PRESENT' on the other side, and on the top of each side write the following:

My life is my decisions. My decisions are my choices. 

-Yep, that's it! Now, I want you to remember as much as you can, everything that happened to you during the past years and affected you completely. Write them on the left side of the 'PAST' side. Now I want you to draw an arrow from every single event you had written and write how these events ended and  how it changed you, if it did. If the past events are still going on till this time just draw an arrow and write 'present'. Now on the other side, the 'PRESENT' side, I want you to write everything that's going on with your life now and again, an arrow from each event you wrote down. Now, I want you to put in mind that if you're gonna think about everything at once, believe me, you're not going anywhere. Based on what we talked about in Past and future, you might as well guess that 'PAST' side of the paper is of no importance now. Total rubbish. I mean it! Every single event, no matter how big or small, if it's past, it's gone. It's no longer there to think about or give it your attention but as for the present time, what's the thing that should occupy my time and thoughts. Now, on the 'PRESENT' side of the paper, you had drawn an arrow from each present event and now I want you to write on the other side of the arrow wether this event will build you up and move you forward or will it occupy a useless time of your thoughts? 

-Giving much thoughts about what's useless for you will drift you away from putting your eyes on the real prize which is dealing with more important events going on in your life. Growing up, we have to understand the meaning of 'time management' and that it doesn't only apply on our actions, but our thoughts. I believe you have your paper right now, I want you to be honest with yourself, that's the whole idea behind the paper, writing your thoughts and then you can arrange them yourself. Different people yet similar events which make us all the same to each other, but hey, God didn't give you a brain to ignore its use, or misuse it, He made you special by giving you the ability to 'think' and 'evaluate'. To think and evaluate what you've got in your present life. To think and evaluate why you're on your knees right now! We tend to make a big deal out of anything and we're the type of people who lie and believe themselves later on. No! No! I want to tell you that every single race you're running now depends on how you see the track you're running in. Some people succeeded in seeing that track a short and easy one which they can easily run while others were like:'Oh man, I gotta run aaaallllll this!'  Isn't that just remarkable? I mean, you don't understand the power you got in yourself! And I'm talking to each and every single individual out there, YOU GOT THIS IN YOURSELF. Only you can realise the beauty of dedicating your thoughts to building your life instead of wrecking it. Remember, it's only by the present you decide how your life goes and no matter how bad or good your past was, I'm telling you, YOU, and only YOU, have the power and ability to rise again from the ashes of your past, determined and grateful. Grateful to your past, that made you what you are today, and let you know that it doesn't matter what happened to you but what matters is what you'd allow to happen later on! 

-To sum everything up, look at your paper now and look how small and tiny your life events are compared to HOW YOU see them. Never give an event more time than it should and never allow anything to bring you down on your knees, because ONLY YOU can decide whether you'll be on your knees or not. When life knocks you down, you show life that you've got your own shield! A shield of decisions and choices! A shield so powerful that it'll help you up on your feet again and never let go of your priorities. You've got your own life and your own shield, use it and never allow yourself to be downgraded by anything and when a wave comes at you, I want you standing staring right at it and say:'Hell yeah! I'm gonna surf this!' 

Love your life.

Love my life?

   Your life sucks? No reason to live? Trouble everywhere? Drama here and there? You know,the whole thing might sound complicated but let me tell you something,come here:


   YES! That's it! LOVE YOUR LIFE! Accept it! Embrace it! We all go around searching for answers and we fail to observe our capability of providing these answers! Do you have any idea how strong your inner determination can be? Do you have any idea how a little decision like 'loving your life' can be extremely affective?!
   No? I guessed so. That's the problem! We don't know! And I'm here to make it known! Imagine yourself drawing your life's key and lock! You get to design the edges of the key to suit the lock! But you can never change the lock to suit a key! But most importantly,love what you're doing! Fall in love with life! Live unconditionally but with living concepts! Put your own rules that make you happy and search for the answers you want within yourself! Believe me when I say that within yourself,the answers are much better and convincing! Why? Why would you believe me? I'm pretty sure that nobody knows you well other than you,yourself. I mean,it's like a bestfriend relation. You are your bestfriend! Don't get me wrong,I don't mean to go crazy and start talking to yourself but yeah it's pretty much like it! Logic folks! If nobody knows you better than you,yourself,then why seek answers from them? You think you don't know the answer? Hesitant? Not sure if right or wrong? Here's what you gotta do:

1- In order to love your life,you gotta know yourself! You gotta know your true identity! And I can't really tell you much about that except that YOU ARE UNIQUE! Yes! You have gifts! Talents! Things other people can't do! You are amazing! A marvelous creature created for a living purpose! A purpose that sooner or later shall be fulfilled! 
2- Please,don't compare. Am I asking for the impossible? Don't compare your weaknesses to others' strengths? You're making it worse! Believe me! You guys know what I do whenever I find myself comparing myself to someone better? I just come up with at least one thing I'm good at and he's not,feel relieved and the idea goes away! The whole idea lies in living independently! Findin out your own strengths and improve them! Search for your weaknesses and kill them! Act as if your strengths are all that are in you BUT don't deny the fact that you're still weak at a certain point that you gotta know it and decide not to show it to others so that they don't exploit it!
3- IT'S TOTALLY FINE to make mistakes! We all do! Nobody is perfect! Accepting the real you with your mistakes! I'm not telling you that you can go ahead and make mistakes on purpose,NOT AT ALL! All I'm saying is that sometimes we go wrong and then regret it and get ourselves into a depression-like mood and a totally paralysis to our thinking. Do not regret it! Mistakes are found to be a natural alarm! Something that tells you 'BANGGGG,wrong answer!!' And sometimes it asks us to try again! YES! We all have a choice and we always have the right to decide what we see is right for our lives! This is not selfishness! Not at all! It's categorized under 'Knowing ourselves'. It's more like a strategy! Like when two countries go to war,their generals study their enemies and know their moves and wait for the right time to strike back!

   We rarely see two identical lifestyles. We all play a solo in our life's song. You choose your favorite way of playing it! Never doubt yourself! Begin with the smallest and the easiest! Love your life! Be satisfied with what you have! Get what you need but not what you want! The things you want will eventually come around when your needs are done! Set your priorities! Know your purpose and work hard for it! Never mind what others say about you or tell you! I mention this in nearly every post but BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Go back to number one and read it carefully! 

   Your life is nothing without you! Once and for all,you're in charge in one of the biggest mysteries on living earth! Life! Make this mystery worth solving! Make something out of this life you're living! Start running your track with an open heart and love it! Never force yourself to do something you don't like! But remember! There are priorities that whether we like it or not,they have to be done! You know like education and so on! I'm handling your minor details here! Minor details that form your life's picture and when you look at it,although you're gonna find lots of black spots yet they're an essential drawing for the beautiful picture to be perfect! 
   Love your life! Accept it! Live it! Go wrong and get back on the right track again! Get hurt and learn! Don't be easily affected and changed! Don't be at all! You were created a leader for your own life! Create to raise your head up high when aothers' are bent down! To hold your hopes high when everyone around you is disappointed! LOVE IT!

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Life. -Simplified Edition.


   As easy as it sounds to be,simplicity isn't usually found in our lives. I have already talked about Life's Insecurities and adding to that,plans and anxiety usually kill our simplicity. 


   3 years ago,I led a terrible life before I got into a real intimate relation with God! I didn't know where I was going with my life,messed up schedule and a sucky routine. However,when I gave up and decided to live a simpler and happier life. I decided to change my routine/schedule and here's what I did:

   I started an easy thing to be done regularly and everyday. I took my quiet time everyday after waking up,praying and worshipping God. Time ranges from 30minutes to one hour! The whole idea was to start something nice and easy to be done and do it regularly! 10 push-ups everyday and don't sleep until you do it! Amazingly,doing this made me realize lots of stuff in my own life! I started replacing fun things I always enjoyed doing with more important and significant plans! My life was full of 'things' and the smallest and simplest thing I do everyday makes me able to change my routine! Fun things aren't fun anymore and substituting unimportant plans in my schedule as I found out that they won't do me any good! This small thing I started doing everyday forced me to start something new every month and to find out more unimportant activities! 

FOR YOU? Eventually, the fun things will get boring. If you feel you must make a change, don’t just add something new on top of the old. Get rid of the old completely and substitute it with something new. If the old show isn’t fun enough to watch, stop watching it and watch a new one in its place. If a toy isn’t fun enough, get rid of it and replace it with something better. If an activity isn’t fulfilling enough, drop it and do something else instead.

Changing takes time! And by time you need commitment! Be committed to what you decided to do with your life! Be committed just as you are committed to breathing. It starts with just one small step and the rest eventually happens. But please! Be committed!

Don't worry about the future! I told the rest takes care of itself! Enjoy your current routine/schedule. You got a chance to live a simple life an across the world,kids are dying! Time passes quickly! Why waste time? Why worry about the future? I don’t care how busy your life is because if you a strong desire to be happy, you’ll make room for it. Even if it’s just 5 minutes of your day, at least those 5 minutes were worthwhile.

   This step you're taking today shapes a better future tomorrow. It's never too late to start! NEVER! As long as you're breathing let me tell you that you still have the power to create a freaking awesome future! Just think and plan! I'm only 18 years old and I'm blogging about life? God only knows how many 30s or 40s are reading this article right now! Start a simple activity to be done everyday and you'll be amazed how simple your life will eventually be!

   Get out of your head! Out of your body! Something new! Something you've always wanted to do! Exercise! 

   STOP FIGHTING YOUR THOUGHTS! The harder you fight,the noisier they get! Never deny or suppress your thoughts or feelings unless you're capable to fix them yourself! If not,please don't put all your power into fighting them or getting rid of them! When I went through a breakup,I never focused on rebuilding my feelings and emotional state! No! Actually,I had my concern built on rebuilding my social state! Beautifully resulted in finding myself,automatically,drifted away from my trouble!

   So many ways to simplify your life and talking a lot about it won't make it any simpler! Actually,you should start doing the easiest thing and that would be obvious! Start something simple everyday! DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF THE NEXT DAY! Results will be SO OBVIOUS but by time an commitment. Please,take your time! Please,don't rush! And please!! Do t worry about it!

I won't forget those who helped me with this small article and those would be:


Welcome to the March 24, 2013 edition of life made easy.

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Life's insecurities

   Yeah,well,life isn't always sunshine..

The world is a magnificent place and your life is an unwinding experience, if you let it be. Why do some people live adventurous, exciting and fulfilling lives, while others so sheltered and boring? The difference is that the people who explore and take risks get the privilege to learn from all the events and experiences they put themselves into. These people constantly put themselves in the fire, and try and find a way not to get burnt.

      What could possibly happen to us? What could change our life's courses to a bad shape? Is it your social position? Financial problems? Relationships? Deaths? 
   You know,life,somehow,knows how to surprise us at the summit of our happiness and suddenly BOOM,everything just goes wrong and leaves you there over-thinking!

   First of all,our thoughts go to 'Karma'. If I do something,it will probably affect my life's course and if I do nothing,I'll be,somehow,punished. Well,obviously,if you don't study you'll fail. BUT,if you did something wrong,you're not gonna have a bad time! Well,logically speaking,yes,some actions have consequences BUT OF THE SAME KIND. For example,if you treated a friend of yours bad,you're not gonna fail your exams and you won't have a bad time in your life but simply,you're just weakening this friendship bond and as a consequence,you should expect bad treatment from your friend. Many of us get weakened by a tough situation that may lead us to many insecurities presented in losing our self esteem and our ability to think and react. Mental paralysis which my lead to a sucky mood and an endless depression state. There's no such thing as a force called 'karma'. For every action there's a reaction of the SAME magnitude. Period. Don't worry,I'm not done yet,actually,I'm gonna tell you how to act towards such situations. 
   We all have been through something in our lives that made us feel angry,hurt or miserable. Why not benefit from the rage? 
   The past is gone and you can't change what happened but then what? Are you just gonna Stand there shaking and afraid to act?  Focus. Know what you want and do it. You control your life and you decide when to snatch your life back! Don't focus on whatever bad happene to you! Focus on your life plan! You're the only one with the power to allow something to hurt you!
   I,myself,have been through a breakup two years ago and it was my first time ever to go through all this. However,we stayed together for a year and then came a time that we both agreed that we're better off in seperate ways. Well,yeah,lots of stuff happened between us but we were a decent couple who didn't care about jealousy or that kind of stuff but you know what they say,bad things happen AND it's not KARMA. I knew that the breakup would leave me broken but amazingly,I managed to convince myself that I'm better off without her and that my life isn't worth filling it with unstoppable drama. You decide what you're doing with you life and you take the call of snatching your life from all the drama surrounding you!
   You may think that your life stopped at something happened but let me tell you that over thinking will kill you! It won't get you anywhere! And by the way,I'm not asking you to do the impossible because right now I'm gonna show you how to fully benefit from all the previous situations:

   Positivity plays an important role here when it comes to life's challenges and when you feel you're down on your knees and as I'm someone whose trust is easily shaken,I'm going to show you how I use such situations to build my character. 
   First of all,comes the part where you evaluate how big the issue is and how your reaction should be towards it. Let's say your PS isn't working and then you broke up with your girlfriend with whom you spent nearly 3 years. Your reaction won't be the same you know,or actually it depends on how you see the whole thing! Let me tell you that everything will be alright sooner or later but the whole idea lies in how you should trust what I just said! Your PS is not working? I'm sure it will be fixed somehow! You broke up with your girlfriend? Then she's not the right one for you! Stop making up silly excuses and don't hide behind lies. When it comes up thoughts,you depend on yourself on what kind of thoughts you're entering your head! 
   Trust yourself. If you can do something,you'll do it. Period. Can you get over your ex in just one hour? Yes? Have you just said yes? Then yes you can do it! Inject positive abilities! Success! Don't ever suspect yourself or your ability to do something because believing in yourself will help you move! Yesterday,I heard someone about faith or 'to believe' and the whole point was that you SHOULDN'T TRUST ANY ACTION OR RESULT,instead,you put your blind trust in someone! Of course,God is number one! Then comes your whole social life! Friends and family,and finally,you! Don't convince yourself that this isn't enough just because you haven't tried it!

   Failure and experience! You haven't truly lived until you have tasted failure. Failure is a double-edged weapon which can bring you experience or total ignorance. Good news! You get to use this weapon! You choose which side you want to hit with! You lose if you DO NOT try. You won't lose if you failed! Not at all! Keep going on as if failure and impossible are just words! And they are! Experience shapes you and shapes your future! Positively and negatively and it comes you to on how you want to be experienced! Weaker or stronger?
What most people don’t know is that possibly the best basketball player to ever play the game of basketball, Michael Jordan, failed throughout his journey. He was cut from his high school basketball team and was extremely devastated from his coaches decision. However, instead of retrieving to discouragement and give up, he did what successful people often do; he used this event as motivation to practice harder and make the team the following year, ultimately this served to later propel him to become one of the greatest ever. This failure actually helped Michael Jordan excel as it fueled and maximized his drive to succeed. Many claim, if it wasn’t for being cut from the high school team, he may not have made the NBA, let alone become the best player to play the game.

   Don't be frustrated if you didn't get what you wanted or hoped for! A great lesson I learnt in my life was to live without expectations because the more I expect and the less I get,trusting myself will no longer have any value to me. Expectations are for the future and since you don't know the future,you should let them down. Living without expectations is living freely WITHOUT NEGATIVITY. 

   Remember when I said:"Life is a track you run"? You keep this image in your mind because I want you to imagine yourself running right now,you tripped and fell down. Your knees hurt. Yet,you got a long way to run and you know you can do it. Are you gonna stand up back on your legs and continue running or are you gonna forfeit? Did you choose to know how you fell down,so it won't happen next time? These are questions that ONLY YOU can answer,not me,not your family and definitely not your friends. 

   You have an Internet connection right now,probably a laptop,a computer or even a cellphone on which you're reading this article. Why not be grateful? Appreciate the SMALLEST things you have to the BIGGEST. As a believer,I know that each and everyone of us is,somehow,blessed. Being grateful helps alot in being positive! They both complete each other because once you start being grateful for something,you'll find out the good side of it! Be grateful for what you have and what you are right now! You have a different fingerprint than billions living! You have many qualities that make you different and unique!

   Tolerance! Don't be afraid! You won't have a one shot success. Loads of people have been through a lot in their lives and worked in jobs they didn't like just stepping stones for their big plan. It's like 'Do what you like' vs 'Like what you do'. Why not both? If it's something intolerable but essential for a future purpose,I guess you should start forcing yourself to like it and when you get to that future purpose,I suggest doing your best at it! 

   Plan and decide! And before planning,go back to your base! Go back to where you started and look at what you got! A really cool article used this example where a girl goes shopping without looking at her closet so she couldn't make the right decision as what to buy whilst another girl takes a look at her closet,knows what she has and goes shopping with a 1-2-3 shopping list!

An endless list of what you can do when life knocks you hard. And these are not rules you're bound to! You have the right to act the way you are it's right! But as a basic start,build your way on positivity and optimism. Don't let anyone change your thinking techniques. Trust yourself. You learn more as you keep running in your life's track! You fail and fall. It's okay. You get up and succeed instead. Put these basics in your head. 

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