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Welcome to the March 9, 2013 edition of life made easy. The 10th post. 


   Yesterday,I got 3 extraordinary submissions for my blog carnival talking about success and happiness. I read all 3 articles and I was amazed by how TOUCHING and INSPIRING these people could be,injecting positivity and real talks into our minds. 

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Shaun Rosenberg presents 7 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Success posted at Shaun Rosenberg, saying, "Everybody has their own opinions on why some people are a success while others aren't. Not all of what we hear or say is true and this is a prime example of that. This article list the 7 big lies we tell ourselves when we think about success."

   Shaun basically gets it right to the point! He compares lies to fundamental truths in our lives as follows:

1. Blaming your life on your family's condition:

   With a wonderful quote for George Bernard Shaw,Shaun explains how a daring person and so determined with the sky as his limits can step on any stumbling block in his life. 

Points 2&6. Blaming it on luck:

   Shaun tells us in these two points that just as luck could be a building factor but it's nothing without you taking action and know to knit the threads into a beautiful robe! He's telling us that as opportunities come and go,we learn how to exploit our next ones.

3. Comparing yourself to others:

   I talked about it once before and he shows us the people who seem to be more intelligent,smarter or luckier than us are usually the ones who are farther along in their life track and as you run this track,you'll be just as intelligent,smart and lucky as they are. 

Points 4&5. Time:

   Motivation and wasting time. We all think motivation is good everytime we feel like it but Shaun stuns us with his article 'Motivation is a trap'. He's urging the readers to not postpone today's work to tomorrow. As simple as that,he's showing us how long our day could be and wasting it could be wasting our lives!

As for the 7th point: 

   You have to read his article and find out! 

7 lies we tell ourselves about success,don't hold yourself back from reading this article. It will touch your hearts just the same way it touched mine and I'm sure I'll be quoting lots of his work in my next blogs! 

Our second article would go to:

Jana presents Are You Placing Your Happiness In The Future? posted at Blog, saying, "Life is meant to be good.  It is meant to be a grand buffet of vast experiences and tastes to delve into. But sometimes our desire takes our happiness and places it in the future instead of accessing it from the here and now."

    A serious real life experienced writer with a long-term thinking way,with the right selection of words,Jana managed to put together a stunning article that shows the things that make life so delicious including desires,feelings,ups and downs. 
   Jana shows us the fastest way to get where we want to be and the real essence of enjoying our life journey. 
   With a real life experience she shared with us of how she faced difficulties in starting her own business with two partners who backed out and left her all alone but then she managed to get a grip of herself and enjoy the satisfaction felt by doing her own business. 
   A life journey is essential for the achievement's flavor!
   Scroll up,open this article and get ready to be taken to an overwhelming journey of future happiness with Jana!

Our third and final article goes to:
Tipsy presents Don’t Waste The Person You Are posted at tipsywriter.

   With a funny and catchy scientific fact,Tipsy kicks of her article to exploring the real-you with some advice summed up in smiling,being a modest,NOT comparing yourself to others and ends up with a beautiful saying that you shouldn't be putting lots of your thoughts on who you wanna be!

   Great article with a funny touch. Short and summarizing. A must read for sure!

   You see,many people are worried of our lifestyle these days and to be honest,they should be! It saddens me how our lives' courses and goals are drifted away by the simplest issues! Don't worry about your life and you gotta believe in yourself and you you'll survive! I'll be back with more posts and blogs' reviews! Don't forget to share! Goodnight everyone

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