Life's insecurities

   Yeah,well,life isn't always sunshine..

The world is a magnificent place and your life is an unwinding experience, if you let it be. Why do some people live adventurous, exciting and fulfilling lives, while others so sheltered and boring? The difference is that the people who explore and take risks get the privilege to learn from all the events and experiences they put themselves into. These people constantly put themselves in the fire, and try and find a way not to get burnt.

      What could possibly happen to us? What could change our life's courses to a bad shape? Is it your social position? Financial problems? Relationships? Deaths? 
   You know,life,somehow,knows how to surprise us at the summit of our happiness and suddenly BOOM,everything just goes wrong and leaves you there over-thinking!

   First of all,our thoughts go to 'Karma'. If I do something,it will probably affect my life's course and if I do nothing,I'll be,somehow,punished. Well,obviously,if you don't study you'll fail. BUT,if you did something wrong,you're not gonna have a bad time! Well,logically speaking,yes,some actions have consequences BUT OF THE SAME KIND. For example,if you treated a friend of yours bad,you're not gonna fail your exams and you won't have a bad time in your life but simply,you're just weakening this friendship bond and as a consequence,you should expect bad treatment from your friend. Many of us get weakened by a tough situation that may lead us to many insecurities presented in losing our self esteem and our ability to think and react. Mental paralysis which my lead to a sucky mood and an endless depression state. There's no such thing as a force called 'karma'. For every action there's a reaction of the SAME magnitude. Period. Don't worry,I'm not done yet,actually,I'm gonna tell you how to act towards such situations. 
   We all have been through something in our lives that made us feel angry,hurt or miserable. Why not benefit from the rage? 
   The past is gone and you can't change what happened but then what? Are you just gonna Stand there shaking and afraid to act?  Focus. Know what you want and do it. You control your life and you decide when to snatch your life back! Don't focus on whatever bad happene to you! Focus on your life plan! You're the only one with the power to allow something to hurt you!
   I,myself,have been through a breakup two years ago and it was my first time ever to go through all this. However,we stayed together for a year and then came a time that we both agreed that we're better off in seperate ways. Well,yeah,lots of stuff happened between us but we were a decent couple who didn't care about jealousy or that kind of stuff but you know what they say,bad things happen AND it's not KARMA. I knew that the breakup would leave me broken but amazingly,I managed to convince myself that I'm better off without her and that my life isn't worth filling it with unstoppable drama. You decide what you're doing with you life and you take the call of snatching your life from all the drama surrounding you!
   You may think that your life stopped at something happened but let me tell you that over thinking will kill you! It won't get you anywhere! And by the way,I'm not asking you to do the impossible because right now I'm gonna show you how to fully benefit from all the previous situations:

   Positivity plays an important role here when it comes to life's challenges and when you feel you're down on your knees and as I'm someone whose trust is easily shaken,I'm going to show you how I use such situations to build my character. 
   First of all,comes the part where you evaluate how big the issue is and how your reaction should be towards it. Let's say your PS isn't working and then you broke up with your girlfriend with whom you spent nearly 3 years. Your reaction won't be the same you know,or actually it depends on how you see the whole thing! Let me tell you that everything will be alright sooner or later but the whole idea lies in how you should trust what I just said! Your PS is not working? I'm sure it will be fixed somehow! You broke up with your girlfriend? Then she's not the right one for you! Stop making up silly excuses and don't hide behind lies. When it comes up thoughts,you depend on yourself on what kind of thoughts you're entering your head! 
   Trust yourself. If you can do something,you'll do it. Period. Can you get over your ex in just one hour? Yes? Have you just said yes? Then yes you can do it! Inject positive abilities! Success! Don't ever suspect yourself or your ability to do something because believing in yourself will help you move! Yesterday,I heard someone about faith or 'to believe' and the whole point was that you SHOULDN'T TRUST ANY ACTION OR RESULT,instead,you put your blind trust in someone! Of course,God is number one! Then comes your whole social life! Friends and family,and finally,you! Don't convince yourself that this isn't enough just because you haven't tried it!

   Failure and experience! You haven't truly lived until you have tasted failure. Failure is a double-edged weapon which can bring you experience or total ignorance. Good news! You get to use this weapon! You choose which side you want to hit with! You lose if you DO NOT try. You won't lose if you failed! Not at all! Keep going on as if failure and impossible are just words! And they are! Experience shapes you and shapes your future! Positively and negatively and it comes you to on how you want to be experienced! Weaker or stronger?
What most people don’t know is that possibly the best basketball player to ever play the game of basketball, Michael Jordan, failed throughout his journey. He was cut from his high school basketball team and was extremely devastated from his coaches decision. However, instead of retrieving to discouragement and give up, he did what successful people often do; he used this event as motivation to practice harder and make the team the following year, ultimately this served to later propel him to become one of the greatest ever. This failure actually helped Michael Jordan excel as it fueled and maximized his drive to succeed. Many claim, if it wasn’t for being cut from the high school team, he may not have made the NBA, let alone become the best player to play the game.

   Don't be frustrated if you didn't get what you wanted or hoped for! A great lesson I learnt in my life was to live without expectations because the more I expect and the less I get,trusting myself will no longer have any value to me. Expectations are for the future and since you don't know the future,you should let them down. Living without expectations is living freely WITHOUT NEGATIVITY. 

   Remember when I said:"Life is a track you run"? You keep this image in your mind because I want you to imagine yourself running right now,you tripped and fell down. Your knees hurt. Yet,you got a long way to run and you know you can do it. Are you gonna stand up back on your legs and continue running or are you gonna forfeit? Did you choose to know how you fell down,so it won't happen next time? These are questions that ONLY YOU can answer,not me,not your family and definitely not your friends. 

   You have an Internet connection right now,probably a laptop,a computer or even a cellphone on which you're reading this article. Why not be grateful? Appreciate the SMALLEST things you have to the BIGGEST. As a believer,I know that each and everyone of us is,somehow,blessed. Being grateful helps alot in being positive! They both complete each other because once you start being grateful for something,you'll find out the good side of it! Be grateful for what you have and what you are right now! You have a different fingerprint than billions living! You have many qualities that make you different and unique!

   Tolerance! Don't be afraid! You won't have a one shot success. Loads of people have been through a lot in their lives and worked in jobs they didn't like just stepping stones for their big plan. It's like 'Do what you like' vs 'Like what you do'. Why not both? If it's something intolerable but essential for a future purpose,I guess you should start forcing yourself to like it and when you get to that future purpose,I suggest doing your best at it! 

   Plan and decide! And before planning,go back to your base! Go back to where you started and look at what you got! A really cool article used this example where a girl goes shopping without looking at her closet so she couldn't make the right decision as what to buy whilst another girl takes a look at her closet,knows what she has and goes shopping with a 1-2-3 shopping list!

An endless list of what you can do when life knocks you hard. And these are not rules you're bound to! You have the right to act the way you are it's right! But as a basic start,build your way on positivity and optimism. Don't let anyone change your thinking techniques. Trust yourself. You learn more as you keep running in your life's track! You fail and fall. It's okay. You get up and succeed instead. Put these basics in your head. 

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