Life. -Simplified Edition.


   As easy as it sounds to be,simplicity isn't usually found in our lives. I have already talked about Life's Insecurities and adding to that,plans and anxiety usually kill our simplicity. 


   3 years ago,I led a terrible life before I got into a real intimate relation with God! I didn't know where I was going with my life,messed up schedule and a sucky routine. However,when I gave up and decided to live a simpler and happier life. I decided to change my routine/schedule and here's what I did:

   I started an easy thing to be done regularly and everyday. I took my quiet time everyday after waking up,praying and worshipping God. Time ranges from 30minutes to one hour! The whole idea was to start something nice and easy to be done and do it regularly! 10 push-ups everyday and don't sleep until you do it! Amazingly,doing this made me realize lots of stuff in my own life! I started replacing fun things I always enjoyed doing with more important and significant plans! My life was full of 'things' and the smallest and simplest thing I do everyday makes me able to change my routine! Fun things aren't fun anymore and substituting unimportant plans in my schedule as I found out that they won't do me any good! This small thing I started doing everyday forced me to start something new every month and to find out more unimportant activities! 

FOR YOU? Eventually, the fun things will get boring. If you feel you must make a change, don’t just add something new on top of the old. Get rid of the old completely and substitute it with something new. If the old show isn’t fun enough to watch, stop watching it and watch a new one in its place. If a toy isn’t fun enough, get rid of it and replace it with something better. If an activity isn’t fulfilling enough, drop it and do something else instead.

Changing takes time! And by time you need commitment! Be committed to what you decided to do with your life! Be committed just as you are committed to breathing. It starts with just one small step and the rest eventually happens. But please! Be committed!

Don't worry about the future! I told the rest takes care of itself! Enjoy your current routine/schedule. You got a chance to live a simple life an across the world,kids are dying! Time passes quickly! Why waste time? Why worry about the future? I don’t care how busy your life is because if you a strong desire to be happy, you’ll make room for it. Even if it’s just 5 minutes of your day, at least those 5 minutes were worthwhile.

   This step you're taking today shapes a better future tomorrow. It's never too late to start! NEVER! As long as you're breathing let me tell you that you still have the power to create a freaking awesome future! Just think and plan! I'm only 18 years old and I'm blogging about life? God only knows how many 30s or 40s are reading this article right now! Start a simple activity to be done everyday and you'll be amazed how simple your life will eventually be!

   Get out of your head! Out of your body! Something new! Something you've always wanted to do! Exercise! 

   STOP FIGHTING YOUR THOUGHTS! The harder you fight,the noisier they get! Never deny or suppress your thoughts or feelings unless you're capable to fix them yourself! If not,please don't put all your power into fighting them or getting rid of them! When I went through a breakup,I never focused on rebuilding my feelings and emotional state! No! Actually,I had my concern built on rebuilding my social state! Beautifully resulted in finding myself,automatically,drifted away from my trouble!

   So many ways to simplify your life and talking a lot about it won't make it any simpler! Actually,you should start doing the easiest thing and that would be obvious! Start something simple everyday! DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF THE NEXT DAY! Results will be SO OBVIOUS but by time an commitment. Please,take your time! Please,don't rush! And please!! Do t worry about it!

I won't forget those who helped me with this small article and those would be:


Welcome to the March 24, 2013 edition of life made easy.

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  1. you are way too young for that kind of wisdom. Great work.

  2. Thank you Lynn! Your comment just pushed me for writing more!

  3. this was exactly what I needed today!I have been trying to simply my life and all of these ideas definitely helped! Love your blog!

    1. Hey Courtney!
      Thanks a lot for your comment! I'm glad my message managed to help you out!
      Much love!