Love your life.

Love my life?

   Your life sucks? No reason to live? Trouble everywhere? Drama here and there? You know,the whole thing might sound complicated but let me tell you something,come here:


   YES! That's it! LOVE YOUR LIFE! Accept it! Embrace it! We all go around searching for answers and we fail to observe our capability of providing these answers! Do you have any idea how strong your inner determination can be? Do you have any idea how a little decision like 'loving your life' can be extremely affective?!
   No? I guessed so. That's the problem! We don't know! And I'm here to make it known! Imagine yourself drawing your life's key and lock! You get to design the edges of the key to suit the lock! But you can never change the lock to suit a key! But most importantly,love what you're doing! Fall in love with life! Live unconditionally but with living concepts! Put your own rules that make you happy and search for the answers you want within yourself! Believe me when I say that within yourself,the answers are much better and convincing! Why? Why would you believe me? I'm pretty sure that nobody knows you well other than you,yourself. I mean,it's like a bestfriend relation. You are your bestfriend! Don't get me wrong,I don't mean to go crazy and start talking to yourself but yeah it's pretty much like it! Logic folks! If nobody knows you better than you,yourself,then why seek answers from them? You think you don't know the answer? Hesitant? Not sure if right or wrong? Here's what you gotta do:

1- In order to love your life,you gotta know yourself! You gotta know your true identity! And I can't really tell you much about that except that YOU ARE UNIQUE! Yes! You have gifts! Talents! Things other people can't do! You are amazing! A marvelous creature created for a living purpose! A purpose that sooner or later shall be fulfilled! 
2- Please,don't compare. Am I asking for the impossible? Don't compare your weaknesses to others' strengths? You're making it worse! Believe me! You guys know what I do whenever I find myself comparing myself to someone better? I just come up with at least one thing I'm good at and he's not,feel relieved and the idea goes away! The whole idea lies in living independently! Findin out your own strengths and improve them! Search for your weaknesses and kill them! Act as if your strengths are all that are in you BUT don't deny the fact that you're still weak at a certain point that you gotta know it and decide not to show it to others so that they don't exploit it!
3- IT'S TOTALLY FINE to make mistakes! We all do! Nobody is perfect! Accepting the real you with your mistakes! I'm not telling you that you can go ahead and make mistakes on purpose,NOT AT ALL! All I'm saying is that sometimes we go wrong and then regret it and get ourselves into a depression-like mood and a totally paralysis to our thinking. Do not regret it! Mistakes are found to be a natural alarm! Something that tells you 'BANGGGG,wrong answer!!' And sometimes it asks us to try again! YES! We all have a choice and we always have the right to decide what we see is right for our lives! This is not selfishness! Not at all! It's categorized under 'Knowing ourselves'. It's more like a strategy! Like when two countries go to war,their generals study their enemies and know their moves and wait for the right time to strike back!

   We rarely see two identical lifestyles. We all play a solo in our life's song. You choose your favorite way of playing it! Never doubt yourself! Begin with the smallest and the easiest! Love your life! Be satisfied with what you have! Get what you need but not what you want! The things you want will eventually come around when your needs are done! Set your priorities! Know your purpose and work hard for it! Never mind what others say about you or tell you! I mention this in nearly every post but BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Go back to number one and read it carefully! 

   Your life is nothing without you! Once and for all,you're in charge in one of the biggest mysteries on living earth! Life! Make this mystery worth solving! Make something out of this life you're living! Start running your track with an open heart and love it! Never force yourself to do something you don't like! But remember! There are priorities that whether we like it or not,they have to be done! You know like education and so on! I'm handling your minor details here! Minor details that form your life's picture and when you look at it,although you're gonna find lots of black spots yet they're an essential drawing for the beautiful picture to be perfect! 
   Love your life! Accept it! Live it! Go wrong and get back on the right track again! Get hurt and learn! Don't be easily affected and changed! Don't be at all! You were created a leader for your own life! Create to raise your head up high when aothers' are bent down! To hold your hopes high when everyone around you is disappointed! LOVE IT!

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  1. Very positive message. Thank you! Great post!

  2. Its very inspiring very positive! thanks for posting!!

  3. Great! The best way to start loving your life is to start appreciating what you have now. If you have 2 arms, 2 legs, you're a healthy person, you have a family, there is nothing in the world that can make you feel bad. In this case, I think, it's even better to compare your shiny life with others who doesn't have a family or lost it, or who is a physically challenged person. And when you realize that someone can only dream about the life you have, then you start really loving it.