5 steps to an organized life

Wandering doesn't mean you're lost!

   You heard me! 

   We all had times when we sat alone and wondered whether our lives really have a meaning or not. There's no one among you people reading this article who has no life purpose at all. Don't even think about it because your life purpose can be your tiniest passion or obsession. You just have to find that out. But never believe you're purpose-free!

   Well,good! Now,you have a purpose and a life goal but one of the worst drawbacks in your running track of life is 'nothing'. Yes! Doing nothing is an absolute waste of time! Yes! The 'I don't feel motivated right now' moment! No! Don't wait for some kinda motivation to get started! Don't waste your time waiting! If you wait to get motivated before you take action then you are missing out on a lot of the time which could have been spent working on your goal!

So,basically,if you want something,you better get it today so that tomorrow would be available For getting something else!

   Time is such an important factor in your working lives and one of the biggest excuses we have is that we don't have time. We use time as an excuse to not start something new! We have so much time in our day and that time can be used in doing LOADS of stuff,but,incredibly,once our favorite  TV show is on,we forget about all that! Hey! I gave up on watching The Power Rangers,I couldn't study! However,if you thought about it,you'll find yourself wasting lots of time on harmful things or things that don't help you run your own track! Not at all! They're just obstacles in your track!

   There's absolutely nothing that beats an organized life! 

  1. Plan ahead!

You know what you gotta do and you know how much time needed to get it done! Make room in your running track for it! You know you got some free times when you can get stuff done and yes,it's the right time to get all things you want done!

Don't rush yourself and take it easy,it's going to be tough planning to do something in your free time but that's the key to get used to a Determined life. Don't forget your priorities and remember,TV isn't one of them!

    2.  Setting priorities?

If you focus on the most important things to you,then you know that they'll be done!

As humans,we tend to make the same mistake over and over and one of the biggest mistakes is exerting effort on the least important things whilst you could have used your time and effort on things more important! You are the one who decides what comes first!

As I told you before,ask yourself:

Is it worthy to get this thing done now?

If it can wait, it waits. Period. 

According to your plans,you decide what comes first in your time. You decide whether something is required to be done urgently or it can wait while you spend time doing something much more important. You and only you know what comes first and consequences of slacking around!

If your science project is supposed to be handed tomorrow and you got a Skype call,you know what to do!

If your neighbors asked you to babysit their kids and you got a blog to write,why not both? Juxxst dooonmt lleeerft thggeeemm get to your keyboard!

You got the idea!

    3.  Don't worry!

Don't you ever feel down if you failed to cope up with your plans! It's NATURALLY FINE! You're not a computer with a fixed programming. We make mistakes. We all do. But if you decided to waste your whole life making mistakes and not learning,you won't be moving a centimeter! We all get to some point in our lives where we tell ourselves that bad things only happen to me. Unsuccessful=bad luck? WRONG.

Unsuccessful--->A life challenge. Now that's a balanced equation! And what do we say to a challenge in our lives? COME TO PAPA!

YES! You get this challenge and you receive it with a full heart and ask yourself where did you go wrong? Know your mistakes and flaws. Don't repeat them. Life challenges are supposed to build you up and not make you feel down. Honestly,everything around us represent a life challenge and we only decide what we can learn from them and how to apply them in our lives!

    4.  Be honest with yourself

Seriously? Do you want to build your life on lies? You know what? My uncle wasted 7 years of his life in medical school thinking he would be a doctor but he lied to himself think he can force himself LOVING biology. He ended up in a car trading business. 

You have to know where you are right now and how far you ran the track,where you're standing and what needs improvements! Face yourself and fix whatever is needed to repaired. After all,you know yourself better than anyone else. 

    5.  Take a break

I bet you guys were waiting for me to mention this point,hah?

It's okay to get caught up in lots of work and that's good! It means you're growing your passion and dreams into reality but at the same time you gotta take a step back and make room for some essential life constituents. Why?

1. Make time for God,friends and family.

Don't let you your work get you away from spending time with God and worshipping him whether you're Christian,Muslim or Jewish. As believers,we are all required to give time to God who created us and into whom our faith and belief go into! Thank Him for what He has done for you and trust Him for giving you power,

Remember when we talked about how friends and family are a huge part of helping us run our track? How do you expect them to help you if you're not giving them enough time to be spent with them. 

Oh by the way,in order to spend time with God,friends or family,it has to be coming from inside you and be willing to do it from your heart! Not something that you're forced to because it would be meaningless spending time with the ones you love if you don't feel like it!

2. Discover new ways to deal with problems 

Like a car motor which can't be fixed when its's on,you tend to get a break for yourself sometimes,even if you don't see it but when you take a break,you give your brain some time to pull itself together and find better solutions to the concerns you have

Well,like I said we all need to take a break and I guess I'm taking mine now. Don't worry,my posts won't stop here and I still got much more to write for you guys! Give yourself some time reading this post and think about what you really wanna do with your life! Tomorrow,I'll be back with a new post!


  1. " come to PAPA". I'll remember that every time I face a challenge--and that is on a daily basis. Great work.

  2. Thanks a lot Lynn! And yes please do remember it! Your challenges aren't bigger than you!

  3. Vashti! Thank you so much! I really hope you enjoyed it!