Am I fit?

   Yes, you are. In a world where each one of us competes to become better than the other, we often misunderstand the word 'fit'. Haven't we all had this thought, like, when we feel down and hit rock bottom, a hopeless scream comes out from the inside with might and power? What follows this scream is usually something called 'self esteem failure' or as I like to call it 'crap'. Yep, you're most probably screwed, unless you change the whole idea of becoming fit for life. Do you even mean what getting fit for life means? Do you know how to make yourself more capable for living? Do you know how to maintain a steady ongoing life? Did you know that, so far, you have never been so wrong?

   Exactly, you're wrong. Before you keep on reading, I want you to think about your own life for a second here and tell yourself what you've got and what you haven't. Tell yourself what you've got that makes you fit to live and what doesn't. Tell yourself what you haven't got and what you're missing to be fit for life. Don't you even dare say:'I got all what it takes to live. I got nothing missing', that's when you know there's one tiny detail. Is it money you're looking for? Is it health? Is it love? Is it success? Is it perfection? I mean, we often run away looking for these things but we never really get the whole picture. Back in my school, in economy classes, we had this term:'Increasing variety', if you thought about it, it's about something that changes and occupies much more needs that it used to. Basically, this term means that we, humans, will never be able to achieve every single need. Our needs change, and as we grow up, our needs grow up too! No matter how much money you've got, if you hoped to get one million dollars and you did, BAM, you go for the second. No matter what phone you've got, BAM, you want a newer model. And it goes on, you know why we do this? I say it's because others do. We tend to look at others to imitate, you've got a fine car but right next to you, your neighbour owns a better one and fancier. I'm not talking about jealousy here, I'm talking about what you'd think when you see your neighbour's car, wouldn't you go like:'I should get this car, I can save for it', I mean a normal person would because your neighbour lives in the same block, same street, which makes you both as equal in your social position then you start with all the 'Why shouldn't I' questions.

   It's so sad how we throw our sight at others instead of staring at our own. Excuse me, hello, you got a fine car, a cool phone and a suitable house. Why would you compare? This is when your life comes crashing, when you compare. When you think that you'd become a better person just because someone got better gears than you so you'd better get those gears, no, not at all! The worst thing you can do to yourself is relating yourself to others, to think that someone else controls your life and to let their actions lead you to what THEY think is right. What I see here is an ox tied to some kind of ropes here. Let me ask you this, if you ever compared yourself to others, and I'm sure most of you did, how'd you feel? He/She is better or even you're better. But how was it like? Did you feel bad? Good? You felt like you're on top of the world or licking its ground? I just can't see how that can help you. This is completely normal, you guys, we were born with this instinct. We were used to it since we were kids, with our toys and always asking for more. And now, as grown ups, increasing variety, remember? 

   Let's go back to the first paragraph again, I quote:' In a world where each one of us competes to become better than the other,'.  
Yes, this is the kind of world we live in, and most, if not all, of us live by this code to become better than a certain person. You know what? Let me rephrase, you want to live someone else's life because you hate your life THAT much. Man, if you'd just understand what your life means here down on earth, if you'd know that you were made and created for a purpose that overwhelms your mind, if you'd understand just how valuable your life can be BY YOU! Again let me rephrase after quoting, WE SHOULD LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE EACH ONE COMPETES TO BECOME BETTER. Period. 

   So before you go all wild about peoples' lives, go wild about yours and dare yourself to become a better person, to become someone new and much more capable than the old you. To realise the fact that the only person you should compare yourself to is the OLD YOU, and the only one you should look at to imitate is you, you were granted a gift, your life, it's like the raw material for some kind of product, a unique product, a product that doesn't look like any other product, something of your own, it's not a competition, it's not who wins the race first, it's not who becomes the best above all others. It's about who becomes the first within himself and wins the race that runs inside of him, it's about changing the way you look at yourself and to start appreciating what you've got. Remember, the only life-lesson teacher there is out there is the old you! When you get to understand all of this, you can proudly answer the question of this post. And if you still don't know the answer, scroll up, read the first words again. 

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  1. Very touching and inspirational post! I completely agree with all you've said. It's a problem for some people to compare themselves with others even if they already have everything they need and that others can only dream for. I think such people are unhappy because they don't see their present happiness, do not appreciate it and think that they'll be happy in future when they have "the red super car my neighbor has". I hope these people will read your post and it'll help them to get some things straight.